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Why do you prefer Mastodon than other (decentralized) communication medium (Email / Newsletters / Matrix...)?

I'm having a hard time fitting it in my information consumption workflow.

⚠️ Dear Matrix users, a critical vulnerability has been found in several Matrix clients. A coordinated security release is happening today, Monday, Sept 13th. Don't wait, upgrade your Matrix clients as soon as possible ⚠️

More info here:

Why Rust for offensive security 🦀😈

Imagine: all the tanks in your army are made of cardboard. While it sounds absurd, this is the sad state of the security industry today

How to build a job queue with Rust and PostgreSQL 🦀🐘

What if, instead of adding another chunk of complexity to our architecture we could reuse something we already have

Framing: the foundations of persuasion 🧠

Have you ever felt not being heard? When you are reacting to something, that person owns the frame. When the other person is reacting to what you say, you own the frame

How to avoid lifetimes annotations in Rust 🦀

Lifetime annotations are one of the things that distract the most new rustaceans. Here is my strategy to avoid them and write clean code

Bullshit Jobs 💩

Imagine having a job so pointless or unnecessary that you can’t understand how a person in their right mind could pay you to do it.

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