I find that a lot of hacking tutorials and posts are boring. I understand the authors as hacking is a grey area, and the line is slippery, so they don’t want to take risks, but, it’s at the detriment of you dear reader.

This is why I want to try a new format: Hacking stories.

Hacking stories are fictitious adventures backed by real-world hacking techniques. With these stories, I want to share the mindset and techniques of the attackers.

Here is the #1 : The Evil Twin

@sylvain But did James get the girl in the end?

The format is great! I don't think such posts can teach someone "how to hack" (and that's not the goal, I believe), but they do give a clear picture of how different pieces of puzzle come together. Thanks a lot!

@bemyak Let's say he his now married with Mary and they are happy with many children 😄

Thank you for the feedback 🙏

You put words on my ideas!

For the detailed how-to, I trust the Google-fu of the readers 😊

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